Are you Managing your Systems like Pets or like Farm Animals?

Are you managing your systems (desktops, servers and vm’s) like pets or like farm animals?

When watching a video from the Red Hat Summit on OpenStack I got to thinking about the pets and farm animal’s analogy.

What do I mean with  pets and farm animal’s?

Pets as it relates to desktops, servers and virtual machines (vm’s)

  • Each system is custom and or different.
  • Individual management, patching, software deployment.
  • Backing up the entire system.
  • The system breaks you troubleshoot then repair vs. replace.


Farm Animals as it relates to desktops, servers and virtual machines (vm’s)

  • Mange all systems like one system
  • Operate a Stateless / Non Persistent / Disposable
  • Zero touch


The question is can you transform your IT environment from Pets to Farm Animals?

CloudVolumes enables IT to make that transition from Pets to Farm Animals.

What is CloudVolumes?

CloudVolumes is Workload Virtualization that enables IT to separate the Applications, Configuration and Data across desktops, servers and vm’s.  Much like VMware pioneered x86 OS Virtualzation that allowed the separation between the OS and Hardware.


System management with CloudVolumes

  • 1 gold image per operating system across the data center.
  • Application, System and Patches are injected in real time in seconds to the native OS verses lengthy legacy deployment methods.
  • No packaging of software that might or might not work when deployed
  • OS, Data and Application are separated that enables Stateless / Non Persistent / Disposable OS. If OS brakes or has issues simply move workload to new device.
  • One CloudVolumes Manager can easily serve 10,000 virtual machines

The following video demonstrates CloudVolumes dynamically delivering SQL Server 2008 and a large 1GB database containing more than 1M rows–all within a few seconds. Next, we upgrade to SQL Server 2012 and then rollback to SQL Server 2008 all within a few seconds and a few clicks!

Get CloudVolumes and Manage Systems like Farm Animals

For more information visit

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