PernixData first Beta Test

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PernixData first beta test

From the time we heard about PernixData and watched PernixData CTO Satyam Vaghani’s videos form Storage Field Day we were excited to get our hands on the PernixData Flash Virtualization Platform (FVP) product and give it a test.

What is PernixData and why should you care?

PernixData is a inline storage IO acceleration software that leverages flash storage on your VMware ESX host.

OK so you might be saying to yourself ok I have flash on my VMware ESX host why would I need a piece of software like PerixData FVP.

For Statefull / Persistent VM’s you typically want them running on some type of SAN that provides raid and enables you to use all the enterprise features from the VMware vSphere such as live migration. You also want to reduce the risk of data loss and having data on a single flash device could…

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